Who we are

After more than ten years’ experience in the world of lighting and decoration, we have understood how difficult it is, for Italian and foreign Companies, to meet and understand each other.  Difficulties are caused not just by the language and general cultural differences, but also by different way of working, and the fact that Italian Companies can be unbelievably small and “hidden”.

Thanks to our direct experience in the territory, we can help local business to grow, and International Companies to develop new and competitive products to put on the market.

Our location enables us to visit regularly a huge number of suppliers specialized in the production of lighting and interior accessories. Our deep knowledge of the territory, and our long-experience in these fields, have enabled us to establish relationships with companies based in different parts of Italy.

We work with makers of glass, ceramics, marble, textiles, and all the components (metal, electrical, electronic) necessary to create a luminaire or interior decorations, but we also co-operate with a wide range of logistic partners and experts in other related fields (such as packaging, testing and photography) to complete successful solutions.